Stuffed Animal Storage

Does your little one have an abundance of stuffed animals and they are all just laying on their bedroom floor?  Yeah, we did and still do.  I had bought a tub to put them in, but Michael would constantly dump them all out.  We've been wanting to make a stuffed animal zoo (found on Pinterest here), but have not bought the supplies because we have other projects going on in the house.

One of the projects that we're working on is updating our laundry room/closet.  Before I had this shoe organizer hanging over one of the laundry doors to hold different supplies.  Now that we have a cabinet up, there's no need for this in the laundry area.  I decided that I would re-purpose it for Michael's stuffed animals.

It looks great outside his closet.  The downside is that only the smaller stuffed animals will fit.  I put the animals that he plays with the most at the bottom so he can still get to them.  Now he can see his stuffed animals instead of them all being piled up on the floor in his room.
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