Meatball in Marinara

You guessed it, last night's dinner recipe was from ~The Kitchen Wife~ (Meatballs in Marinara).  The smells that where coming from my kitchen where heavenly!  I've made meatballs before, but they never smelled as good as they did last night and I've never started cooking them on the stove.  I've always baked them in spaghetti sauce.

I absolutely loved the meatballs and the marinara sauce, but my husband was not too happy with the sauce.  He thought that it was weird that there were onions and green peppers.  He's not a fan of green peppers and actually picked them out of the sauce.  I must admit, I suck at cutting onions and green peppers so they were rather large.  I probably should have put a little more garlic, but it was supper yummy the way it was.

Oh man, completely forgot that I was going to make garlic bread or I should say put some frozen garlic bread in the oven.  As you can see, I had milk with my spaghetti and meatballs.  It just goes so well together!
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