Christmas Cards Display

use your Christmas cards as an ever growing Christmas decoration by displaying them in on your kitchen cabinets, Christmas card display,
I always used to tape our Christmas cards up on the wall in our dining room at our apartment, but when we moved in our house I wanted something a little nicer looking.  So, with the help of Pinterest, I found something that works really well to display our beautiful Christmas cards that we receive from our friends and family.

I did this last year and loved it.  It really helped make the kitchen feel more like Christmas.  Just take a wide ribbon of your choice, I used the candy cane stripe velvet kind, and put a strip down every cabinet door.  I had a wider door where I put two strips down.  I have them being held on the back of the doors with poster gum.  The cards are being held on the ribbon with clothes pins.  I will be doing this every year.  So much better than putting them in a basket and nobody looking at them.