2013 Christmas Light Show Review

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I've lived in Leesburg, VA for five years now and have never really done much searching for Christmas light displays.  Growing up, I remember traveling to Wheeling, WV to see the lights at Olgelbay Park and wanted to be able to give that same experience to Michael.

When we would drive around at night, Michael would always point out the lights with such excitement.  I did a search on Christmas day and ran across this family that does a light display at their house to music for Halloween and Christmas every year.  Just so happens that the house wasn't too far from our's.  After Christmas dinner, we decided to go look for this house and see what it was like.

We were not disappointed at all!  It was amazing.  Even their Christmas tree inside the house was timed to the music that was playing on the radio.  They even had it that if you texted to a certain number, you could donate to Johns Hopkins Children's Center.  Michael was so amazed by it and when it was done, he clapped with joy!

According to their facebook page, Edwards Landing Lights, they raised $5,640 for both their Halloween and Christmas light shows.

I'm looking forward to going and seeing their Halloween display and Christmas display this year.  We will definitely make this a year tradition.  Check them out this year.  Here's their YouTube video of the Christmas display from 2013.