Visiting Santa 2013

visiting Santa at the Dulles Town Center in Northern Virginia,
This year we decided to try out visiting Santa at the Dulles Town Center since the volunteer fire department didn't seem to be doing Santa visits this year.  As any parent knows, the less time you have to wait the better experience you and your child is going to have.

Knowing that, we went on a Friday at around 10am.  There was a line, but nothing compared to the lines I have seen in the past.  Our first thing was, "what are the prices?" because money being tight and you never know what type of picture you may get.  We were really happy with the packages.  We got the cheapest package: two 4x6s and you got a $10 Shutterfly gift card (which I'm all about) for $21.  We knew that we would need more than two pictures so we added a CD for an additional $7 which bumped our Shutterfly gift card to $20!

When it was our turn to have Michael sit on Santa's lap, he didn't scream or try to get off.  He just kept his head down and put his hands over his face.  We think that it might be because we've told him that if he doesn't start acting good and stop throwing and breaking his toys, that Santa won't bring him anything for Christmas.  He finally did put his head up and, with the help of Santa, kept his hands down.  I was allowed to view the pictures and pick which one I liked the best.  Everyone was nice and tried to be as fast as possible.

We might end up going to the mall again next year if we don't find another cheaper route.