The Berenstain Bears On Stage in Frederick, MD

The Berenstain Bears On Stage, Family Fun, Children's Theater in Federick MD,
This past weekend we took Michael to see The Berenstain Bears On Stage that was being performed at Way Off Broadway Dinner Theatre & Children's Theatre in Frederick, MD.  Being someone who grew up loving The Berenstain Bears, I was rather excited to see this show.  We were not disappointed!

Jon and I had been to several plays at a dinner theater up in Delaware when we were living up that way, but never knew there was one nearby in Frederick, MD.  My dad and step-mom had given Michael for Christmas tickets to go to two of the children's theater shows (click here for 2015 season).  We decided that since Jon and I loved The Berenstain Bears growing up, that Michael would probably enjoy it as well.

The shows are always at lunch time since they have an adult show in the evening.  For more information about times and pricing, click here.

We arrived when the doors opened.  After giving our prepaid tickets to the "box office", we were greeted by Teacher Jane.  They had us seated right upfront!  I think if you were seated in the back you would still have a great view since the theater was rather small.  We were waited on by Papa Bear since the actors are also waiters.

The Berenstain Bears On Stage, Family Fun, Children's Theater in Frederick MD,
You have the choice of pizza, hotdog, or a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.  I got a hotdog and the boys got pizza.  All the meals come with one drink, potato chips, and fruit gummies for dessert.  Jon had over heard that if you wanted more to drink there would be an additional charge.  My hotdog was rather good, but I was still a little hungry afterwards.  Jon wasn't feeling so well and cannot report as to if the pizza was really good or not.  Michael decided that all he was going to eat was the gummies.

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Once the show started, we were not allowed to take pictures.  Michael did not want to have anything to do with the bears and wanted to hide under the table.  I ended up having him sit on my lap facing me almost the whole show.  The actors were great.  While I was sitting there, all I could think of was that Brother Bear reminds an awful lot like Michael.  The gentleman that played Brother Bear did an amazing job, he was so funny.

They have taken about 5 stories and made them into an hour show with songs.  Lots of laughing and great messages being taught to the kids.  After the show, you can get the bears' autographs and then get your picture taken with the whole cast.  Michael didn't want to get his picture taken with them at all.

If you live near Frederick, MD and have been wanting to do something fun with the kids, I highly recommend going and seeing The Berenstain Bears On Stage.  The show is running until the end of March.  In April they will be performing The Wizard of OZ.  We're planning on using our other tickets for their performance of Disney's The Jungle Book since that was Jon's favorite Disney movie growing up.  I'm looking forward to seeing what shows they will be preforming next season.



  1. This looks like a lot of fun! I laughed out loud when you mentioned that Michael decided he only wanted to eat the gummies...I'm thinking my two would make the same decision, lol! I'd love to take my kiddos one day, thank you for the idea!

    1. Michael actually did better when we went to see the Jungle Book. I'll be writing a post about that hopefully next week. Great place and not too far from home! They also do adult theatre if you and the hubby ever have a date night.