Fun Fall Art Work

fun Fall kids art work with leaves,
With the season finally changing to Fall and the leaves slowly falling from the trees, how about making this simple piece of art with your kids.

fun Fall kids art work with leaves,
Last year we had found some awesome looking leaves during one of our many outings and I thought we could make something out of them.  I already had the canvas and the paint.  Michael chose to use red for this art work.  I was only able to fit two of the leaves on the canvas and after the fact, didn't completely place them properly.

fun Fall kids art work with leaves,
Basically what you want to do is paint the edges of the leaves and all the white canvas.  We ended up just painting everything which works just as well.  Might try this again this year and in a different color.

You don't have to use a canvas, any paper that will be able to hold the paint will work.  That way you could then frame the art work!