Able to keep it under budget even with no real plan beforehand - Meal Plans and Grocery Trip for May 8th - 14th

meal plans, $50 weekly grocery budget,
This past weekend we were out of town, but I was still able to come up with a dinner plan after we came back.  I must admit that I'm really liking doing the grocery shopping while Michael is in school.  Going to miss going on my own over the summer.  Here's the dinners I have planned for this week:

  1. Chicken sandwhiches
  2. Tacos
  3. French Bread Pizza

Going to the supper Walmart at 9:30am is the almost ideal time to go.  Not too many people shopping and it's a quick easy in and out.  I went on a Tuesday and it must have been shipment day because every isle I went down there was an associate stocking the shelves.  Here's the list I came up with while at Walmart:
  • pepperoni pizza  $6.98
  • loaf of whole wheat bread  $1.53
  • hamburger buns  $1.28
  • loaf of French bread  $1.00
  • chicken patties  $4.97
  • Mickey shaped cheese  $2.43
  • pizza blend shredded cheese  $2.48
  • taco blend shredded cheese  $2.48
  • Land O'Lakes butter half sticks  $4.24
  • 2 cans of corn  $0.98 x 2 = $1.96
  • 2 cans of green beans  $0.98 x 2 =$1.96
  • pizza sauce  $0.98
  • evaporated milk  $1.28
  • alfredo sauce  $1.95
  • 2L Coke  $1.48
  • orange jello  $0.74
  • gallon of distilled water  $0.88
I spent a total of $39.58 at Walmart.  Off to Wegmans I went.

What I needed at Wegmans was going to be less, but I knew it was going to be a little more expensive.  Here's the list:
  • tortillas  $2.49
  • half gallon of whole white milk  $2.29
  • graham cracker crust  $3.49
  • pop tarts  $2.89 on sale for $2.50
  • family pack of hamburger  $22.75
We needed to replenish our hamburger that we keep in our freezer.  I spent a total of $34.36.

We had a carry over from last week of $28.06 which made this week's budget $78.06.  The grand total spent was $73.94 which made us still under budget by $4.12.  I also earned $0.30 for the whole wheat bread and $0.30 for one of the bags of shredded cheese through Ibotta.