Ordering from JustFab

Back in May I was looking for my outfit for Jon and mine's anniversary dinner.  I had found the dress, but could not find the shoes in any of the stores here local.  So, to the internet I went.

I found these shoes on JustFab.com.  These are called Celmentine and in the color fuchsia.  They are actually quite comfortable and affordable at $39.95.  When I was looking at these shoes, they were running a special to buy one and get one free.

I ended up buying these for my free pair since I didn't have any heels in nude.  These are called Violett and are even higher than the fuchsia ones.

There's a catch though when getting the fabulous deal of by one get one with JustFab, you have to become a VIP member.  With a VIP membership, you get each item at $39.95 and the shipping is free.  One downside is that they will automatically take $39.95 from your credit card every month and put that amount towards your next purchase.  When I saw that I wasn't too happy, but I wanted the free shipping and a free pair of shoes are always a good thing.  I read a little more and found out that you can skip that month as long as you skip it by the 5th of every month.

Here's how you can skip each month.  

Just click on the "Skip This Month" button.

This message will come up.  Click on which ever applies to you or write in your reason.  Yep, it's as simple as that!

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