Discover Cove playarea at Tysons Corner Center

Since I have such an active little boy, we are always looking for new and exciting playgrounds.  A few weeks ago we were down in Tysons Corner to pick up a part from the Mazda dealership.  So, we decided
to go to the mall, have lunch, and check out the LEGO and Disney stores.  I had heard that there was a new playground outside of the mall and wanted to check it out.

Tysons Corner Center
1961 Chain Bridge Rd
Tysons Corner, VA 22102

On the day that we were there, it was overcast, windy, and on the rather chilly side.  That didn't stop Michael from having fun and enjoying it.

We had already eaten at one of the places inside the mall, but we could have eaten at the Shake Shack while Michael played.  Something to remember the next time we come over to play.

They also had a huge chess board as well as another huge checker board to play with.  At the time we were there, they were having a fashion show for homecoming outfits.  According to the website, they will also be playing movies and having live music.  If you're ever in the Tysons area, you should check the Plaza out.  There's even a Metro Station nearby.
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