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Restaurant review of Taco Tico in Lexington KY, Central Kentucky restaurant review of Taco Tico,

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June 1, 2017

Taco Tico

1483 Boardwalk
Lexington, KY 40511
Restaurant review of Taco Tico in Lexington KY, Central Kentucky restaurant review of Taco Tico,

For Lexington natives or people who have lived here a while, Taco Tico has a cult following.  Those of us who were here in the early 70’s remember when there were multiple locations (Richmond Rd, Moore Drive and others).   Basically during that era, the only place in town to get tacos was at Taco Tico.  Taco Bell did not invade this area until much later.   Now there is only one restaurant left, but fans can take heart – it is rumored on Facebook that the owners are looking for a south side location to expand.  We are lucky that the current Boardwalk location is just outside the property of a major employer!

What can explain Taco Tico’s success in the face of stiff competition from the giant Taco Bell?  Fresh made food, a good value for the money, and independent ownership.  The portions are generous, the flavor is unique, and service is fast and friendly.

My recent visit was via the drive-thru and eating at my desk.  Taco Tico’s drive-thru is mostly fast, except when the occasional huge order comes in.   I ordered two crispy beef tacos and a taco burger.  All were excellent as usual.  The quality which makes such a difference in the tacos is the fact that they use white corn shells which are much lighter and crispier than their yellow corn counterparts.  Taco burger you say?  It is basically more taco filling on a hamburger bun.  The bun soaks up more of the taco sauce which is a definite advantage.  Speaking of their taco sauce, all of their sauces are custom made just for Taco Tico by a Midwest food distributor.  There is mild, medium, hot, extra hot, and green chile – all of which are delicious – depending on your tolerance for heat!

Other items I have ordered in the past are enchiladas, sanchos, and the two different dinner plates.  The enchiladas, whether cheese or beef, are great also.  They contain just the right amount of sauce and are very filling.   The Sancho is basically a large portion of taco ingredients with sauce in a large soft tortilla.   The Tico dinner and the Mexican dinner offer a variety including rice or beans.  There are chicken options as well throughout the menu.

Service is usually pretty fast considering the large lunchtime crowd.  On this current visit, my drive thru meal (no drink) cost $4.63 – pretty filling considering the portions.  If you are really up for a bargain, Tuesday is Taco Tuesday – tacos and taco burgers are on sale for $0.89 and $1.69 respectively. 

Check out other daily specials on their website: http://www.tacoticokentucky.com/

Parking is available adjacent to the restaurant.

Gluten Free Options – none advertised.
Vegetarian Options – none advertised.

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