Meal Ideas for a Beach Vacation

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Even though Summer is quickly coming to an end, we are in vacation planning mode.  We will be making another trip down to Myrtle Beach and I have been thinking about all the different meals that we can make while down there.  When you're on vacation and you're planning on cooking, you want the meals to be simple, cheap, and quick.  I have made a list of some recipes that I have here in my virtual recipe box that I think would fit just that.

Last year we did a majority of the grocery shopping here in Northern Virginia (Meal Plan and Grocery Trip - Beach Edition), but this year we'll be doing all of it down there.  I also did as much prep here at home so I wouldn't have to do much on vacation.  Yep, I made all of our lunches in advance.  If you'd like to get some ideas on what our lunch meals were last year, you can read my post Packing for Myrtle Beach, SC.

Last year after our first full day at the beach and exploring Myrtle Beach, I made us spaghetti.  A very simple, cheap, and fast meal to make.  The added plus to this meal is that our hotel had everything we needed!
The next night Jon and Michael made us pizza.  I knew that they wouldn't have pizza sheets so we brought our's.  Thick Crust Pizza

Our last night I made us tacos.  Another simple, cheap, and quick meal especially when the onions and taco seasoning were already made in advance.  I also brought our salsa bowl since I knew the hotel would only have regular bowls.

Something simple and cheap to make for lunch even dinner after a long day on the beach. French Bread Pizza

Going to a place you know doesn't have a crockpot or slow cooker and don't mind taking your's? Try out this crockpot shredded Mexican chicken recipe that can be cooking while you're having some fun in the sun. Don't forget the chips or tortilla shells! Crockpot Shredded Mexican Chicken

When we stayed at my in-law's beach trailer a few years ago, I made this recipe with a pork loin. A great way to have your dinner cooking while you're laying out on the beach or playing in the pool. All you need to do is bring along your crockpot or slow cooker. Crockpot BBQ Chicken

Planning on making spaghetti during your beach vacation, but don't want to have it more than once? Here's how you can make your leftover spaghetti something different. Spaghetti Boats

Want something light and easy to make for maybe lunches? Try making this Taco Salad recipe.

If you don't mind doing prep that goes with making homemade sloppy joes, give this Sloppy Joes recipe a try. Or you could always just buy the mixture in a can and call it a day! I mean, after all, you're on vacation.

I do plan on adding more, so always come back and see what new and exciting meal ideas I have.