20 Board Game Gift Ideas for a 4 year old

list of 20 board game ideas for a 4 year old's Christmas gift or birthday gift,

It's only been within the past year that Michael has really gotten into actually wanting to sit down and play board games with us.  I love that he's finally taken an interest in them, just we don't have many that are age appropriate for him.  I've come up with a list of games (some we do have and play often) that I feel that any 4 year old would love to get as a gift.

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1.  Chutes and Ladders - Michael got this from my dad and step-mom for his birthday this year and loves it.  He wanted to actually keep playing it, I think in hopes to win.  Mommy won during the first game which ran rather long.  A fun family game.  If you have a little one who's into super heroes, there's also a Chutes and Ladders Super Hero Squad version.
2.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse HiHo! Cherry-o - Michael got this from Jon's grandparents for Christmas last year.  It actually wasn't until around his birthday this year that he actually wanted to play it.  He loves it!  If your child's not that into Mickey Mouse, there is a regular version of HiHo! Cherry-o available.

3.  Hoot Owl Hoot! - Michael also got this game for Christmas last year from my dad and step-mom.  He actually just played it a few weeks ago.  What's great about this game is that there's two levels so once he gets board with how easy the current level is, we can still play it on the harder level.  He had a blast playing this with Jon.

4.  Don't Spill the Beans - Jon's mom has this game at her house and last Christmas the boys decided they wanted to play this game instead of all the cool toys they had gotten.  Michael couldn't stop talking about it, so I ended up buying this for our house.  He plays with it a lot and sometimes by himself.

5.  Don't Break the Ice - Another game that was played last Christmas at my mother-in-law's house.  I ended up buying this as well.  Michael hasn't quite figured out how to get the ice together, but sure does love breaking it!

6.  Paw Patrol Adventure Game - Michael loves Paw Patrol thanks to his cousins.  A few months ago Michael went on a weekend getaway with my in-laws and played this game with one of his cousins.  He still talks about playing it.  Maybe he'll get this for Christmas.

7.  Cootie - I never played this growing up, but Jon says it's a pretty cool game.  I've been meaning to buy it to add to our game collection, but have yet do it.  It is also on Michael's wishlist.
8.  Monkeying Around - This game looks right up our monkey's alley!  I'd never heard of it until I started doing some research for this post.  It's like an awesome upgrade to Barrel of Monkeys (another game that we need to get)!

9.  Don't Rock the Boat - A different take on Don't Spill the Beans, but with pirate penguins!  Looks like a fun game that Michael would enjoy.

10.  Candy Land - I actually still have my Candy Land from when I was a kid, but have not introduced it to Michael yet.  If you're searching for a girl that's all about Disney princesses, there's a Candy Land Princess Edition.

11.  Ants in the Pants - Another game that I've been meaning to purchase and I believe is on Michael's wishlist.

12.  Flying Ace - This looks like a fun game that any Peanuts lover would have fun playing.  Ever since we watched the new Peanuts movie, Michael has been all about Snoopy as the Flying Ace.

13.  Hungry Hungry Hippos - I loved this game when I was a kid and think that Michael will to.  Just have not gotten around to purchasing it for him.

14.  Super Why ABC Letter Game - Michael loves Super Why so I think he'll love this game as well.  An added bonus of it being an educational game!  I'm all about getting Michael educational games/toys.

15.  Disney Eye Found It! - This is actually rated for 5 and up, but I bet a 4 year old would be able to play it.  If you don't know, my family loves Disney (ok, it's mostly me, but Michael is getting there) and getting an awesome Disney game that all three of us can play is a big plus in my book!  I think this might actually be on my wishlist.

16.  Pie Face! - If you haven't seen the videos of this game floating around on Facebook, where have you been?  Looks like a pretty fun family game.  This is another game that's rated for 5 and up, but I think a 4 year old would be able to play this.  Make sure to have a camera running while you play this with your family, at least the first time!

17.  Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Grr-ific Game - I'm not too familiar with Daniel Tiger Neighborhood, but loved Mr. Roger's Neighborhood growing up.  This seems like a pretty fun game and I'm sure is very educational.

18..  Jake and The Never Land Pirates Who Shook Hook? - Michael loves Jake and the Never Land Pirates.  We actually saw this at a store and he seemed interested in it.  Looks like a fun game.
19.  The Game of Life Junior - Another game that's rated for 5 and up, but it looks like something that Michael could play right now.  A great way to get kids ready to play the classic The Game of Life.

20.  The Good Dinosaur Roarin' River - This sounds like an awesome board game.  You actually build the board game as you play.  Therefore your games will never be alike!

There you have it, 20 awesome looking games for that little 4 year old in your life.  There are many more games out there, these were just the ones that I'm pretty sure my little guy will like.  What games would you add to the list?  I hope this helps with picking out a gift this Christmas or for a future birthday.



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