Valentine's Day 2014

Every Valentine's Day since Michael was born, Jon and I have gone to The Outback Steakhouse for their Valentine's Day special.

Since Jon has Fridays off from work, we decided that since they opened at 11am on Valentine's Day that we would try to be there around opening.  It took a little longer to get ready, but we were still able to get there when it wasn't too busy.  Made for a quick and easy lunch.  It was delicious like every time we've been there.  This is what the deal included:
Even Michael loved this bread.
Ended up taking a good bit of this home with us.
My salad without the Bobs and Larrys (tomatoes and cucumbers - people who watch Veggie Tales will get that).
Jon's 9 oz sirloin with fries and apple slices & grapes since he doesn't like salads.
My 9 oz sirloin with fries.

We actually ended up having to take half of our food home with us because we were so full.  You also received a slice of cheese cake which we had them box up for us to take home.  All of that was $35.  Not a bad deal at all.  We love that they open early on Valentine's Day so that we can get in and out since we have Michael with us.  We got great service as well.  The first year that we did this deal, one of my friends actually watched Michael for us.  We had called a head, but still had to wait a long time.  Service was still good, but rather slow due to the fact the place was packed!  I noticed that this year Outback is having this special all the way through the 16th!  So, there's still time to take your Valentine out for a great meal even if it's not Valentine's Day.

Yeah, we decided to get a little dressed up.  Why not?  It's Valentine's Day!  After lunch, we went home and opened up our gifts, mostly candy.  
Jon got me some more long stemmed strawberries since I had already eaten my original batch.  
We got Michael The Jungle Book (Jon's favorite Disney movie).  I got Jon all his favorite candies.  
We had to go to Walmart to get some diapers so Jon also got me an arrangement of flowers of my choice.  I'm not too big on flowers, but really like the colors and wanted something for a center piece on the dinning room table.  We plan on maybe doing some Valentine's Day crafting tomorrow since we might be snowed in.  Maybe a blog post about that tomorrow!  Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day!
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