Our First Snow Storm of the Year (2014)

Yes, this our first real big snow storm for us in Northern Virginia.  All of our family members have been hit with tons of snow for weeks, but we sometimes didn't even get an inch.  I had been wanting a big snow to come so that we could go out and play with Michael.  He's almost three and had yet to see how much fun snow is.

Last night it started snowing when Jon was coming home from work.  We decided that we would go get a pizza for dinner.  While we were out, I ran into Home Depot to see if they had any sleds.  No luck.  The snow was coming down and roads were starting to get covered so, we decided to not search anywhere else for a sled.

When we got up this morning the Mazda was completely covered and it was still coming down.  We went out once it stopped snowing and measured before we did anything.  It was 14 inches and we're suppose to get more tonight.

Well before any fun could be had, we had to be able to get out of our house.  The snow had come up to the bottom of the front door.  Michael had fun helping shovel out the driveway, cleaning off the Mazda, and even helped out our neighbor.

Once we were dug out and the car cleared off, we went to the back of our house where there's a hill.  Since we had no sled, we took the lid off of a storage container and used that.  I was even thinking of using our buggy board, but had forgotten that it was in the shed and not the garage.  Surprisingly, the lid worked really well.  The first time Michael and I went down, we actually ended up ahead of the lid.  We had so much fun, but had to go in because we'd been out for several hours and Jon and I were getting pretty wet.  Here's the video we took and definitely, if you don't have a sled but have a storage tub use the lid!

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