Little man's first haircut

When Michael was born he didn't have a whole lot of hair and it seemed to go away after his first bath.  Even after his first birthday, there wasn't a whole lot of hair and we didn't feel the need to cut it.  A few weeks before his second birthday, we decided that he was in need of a cut, but didn't feel that there was enough to cut to offset the cost of going to a salon.  A friend of ours who has hair cutting experience came to our house and cut Michael's hair.  It ended up being a two day process.  Here's the video from the first day:

Since then, we took him to watch me get my hair cut.  Even though it wasn't at a salon, it helped show him that he shouldn't be afraid of someone cutting his hair.  We were going to take him to watch Daddy get his hair cut, but we figured that Michael would end up wanting to run around the salon and that wouldn't be good.

Since we're having family pictures taken tomorrow, we had to get Michael's wild hair under control.  We ended up taking him to a hair salon, but not just any hair salon.  One that was just for kids!  We figured they would be extremely experienced with cutting kids hair fast, but still do a good job.  We took Michael to Cartoon Cuts at the Dulles Town Center and were very pleased with the place.  Since this was his first time at a salon, we did the first hair cut deal of $18 (which is the same price of a regular hair cut).  Here's the video we got:

We liked it.  They had a TV at every station so the kids would be focused on that instead of the scissors.  They even gave him a sucker, which seemed to work better than the TV.  Well, that and having Daddy right beside him.  Since it was his "first haircut", they put some of his hair in a baggy and attached it to a certificate.

 We will most definitely go back there for his next haircut.  If you live in Northern Virginia and need a place to take your child to get their haircut, check them out.  They did have a $9 price that was for a buzz cut if that's more what you're looking for. If you like what you just read please click to send a quick vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs- The best mommy blog directory featuring top mom bloggers