Layaway - yay or nay?

This year was the first time we've ever done layaway.  I must say that I love the idea and am so glad that some places are bringing it back.  We went to Toys R Us and put our nephews' and some of Michael's Christmas gifts on layaway.  It was simple setting up the layaway.  We had to pay a certain amount for a down payment and the system went ahead and setup a payment plan for us.

After going to Toys R Us, we went to Walmart to put some other gifts on layaway.  Once we found out where to setup the layway, it was simple to set it up.  Like Toys R Us, we had to pay a certain amount for a down payment.  Unlike Toys R Us, there was no payment plan setup.

We get paid weekly, so I calculated what a weekly payment would be for both places and was very pleased with the amount.  One week has gone by since we set the layaways up.  I went into Toys R Us with no problems on paying.  You can go to any register in the store and can be taken care of.  

Went in to Walmart and at the store we go to, you have to make the payments at the place you pick up online in store orders.  I will admit that it was late at night when I went in.  There was a sign at the register stating that they were working on a shipment and they would be back in 20 minutes.  I went to Customer Service thinking that it's just a payment and they should be able to take it.  Nope, they didn't know how to do it and just stood there like idiots.  I went back a few days later and during the day.  There were two people working the register and had no problem with taking my payment.

So, because of the way I was treated when wanting to make a payment and the fact that they didn't have more than one person working the register when they knew there was going to be a shipment, I will not be using the layaway option at Walmart next year.  I've decided that I will pay a little more to get better service and be able to make a payment at any register.

I do believe that layaway is the way to go as long as you have an idea already on what you're going to get people.  Best way to get things without using a credit card.  I think next year we'll open a Christmas Club account to save some money throughout the year for gifts and do the layaway in combination. If you like what you just read please click to send a quick vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs- The best mommy blog directory featuring top mom bloggers