Grocery Haul for the week of April 2nd thru 8th

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I thought that since the grocery list wasn't nearly as long as it has been the past few weeks that it would be an easy week.  Boy was I wrong.  I still am blown away that we ever really survived on $50 a week because it has been hard to stick with the $100 weekly budget.  Here we go.

Grocery Haul breakdown for April 2nd - 8th, 2018

Sam's Club
soap $10.88 gallon apple juice $4.29
2 spaghetti sauce $1.77 x 2 = $3.54 variety pk juice boxes $9.99
2 bags pizza cheese $1.48 x 2 = $2.96 cheese ravioli $6.49
taco cheese $1.48 family pk hamburger $16.43
instant mashed potatoes $1.80 tortilla shells $1.49
corn $0.88 2 pizza dough balls $2.50 x 2 = $5.00
Rice a Roni $0.82
lasagna $6.98
generic Advil $3.78
pads $6.97
vitamins $11.94
Walmart Total = $54.28 Sam's Total = Wegmans Total = $44.78

The grand total spent was $99.06, leaving only $0.94.  There were several items removed off of the Wegmans list because I knew we were getting kind of close.  Seems that the weeks we are cutting it rather close are those weeks were we're buying items that are not weekly purchases.  Fingers crossed next week is a little less tight and we have some money to carry over.