Grocery Haul for the week of March 12th thru 18th

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This week we had the full $100 budget for groceries with a little carry over from last week.  If you followed me on Instagram and Facebook, you got to go real time grocery shopping with me in the stories section.  You also saw my grocery list and that there were things needed to be crossed off the list.  Here we go.

Grocery Haul breakdown for March 12th - 18th, 2018

Sam's Club
dishwasher detergent $3.62

dozen large eggs $1.99
Lucky Charms $3.64

gallon whole milk $2.59
marshmallows $1.25 gallon apple juice $4.29
sticks of butter $3.98 family pk honey wheat bread $2.99
2 spaghetti sauce $1.96 x 2 = $3.92 deli ham $2.59
beef broth $0.98 family pk chicken breasts $14.03
stuffing $0.70 eye round roast $14.38
2 shredded mozzarella cheese $1.48 x 2 = $2.96 baby carrots $1.29
tomato sauce $0.88 onions $3.32
small tomato sauce $0.44 potatoes $2.64
hot dog buns $0.88 spaghetti noodles $0.79
tub of butter $2.24 green pepper $1.01
Shout $2.97 2 pizza dough $2.50 x 2 = $5.00
4pk tumblers $0.78 pizza sauce $1.49
Command hook $2.38 pepperoni $2.39
OJ $4.79
juice boxes $1.99
Walmart Total = $32.75 Sam's Total =
Wegmans Total = $69.26

This week was odd, we didn't need anything from Sam's Club.  It was actually a good thing.  The grand total spent at the two stores this week was $102.01.  I forget what the actual carry over amount was, but I did have a remainder of $0.70 for next week.  Not too bad seeing that I purchased items for St. Patrick's Day that aren't normal purchases.