Blue Heron Steakhouse

Restaurant review of Blue Heron Steakhouse in Lexington KY, Central Kentucky restaurant review of Blue Heron Steakhouse,

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3 Forks = Not bad; someplace I would occasionally consider eating.
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5 Forks = One of my all time favorites!

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Because I have a daughter-in-law with Celiac and a really good friend who is Vegetarian, I will try to point out whether those options are present when I review a restaurant.

March 25, 2016

Blue Heron Steakhouse 

185 Jefferson St.
Lexington, KY 40508
Restaurant review of Blue Heron Steakhouse in Lexington KY, Central Kentucky restaurant review of Blue Heron Steakhouse,

I saw a feature about Blue Heron during the Secrets of a Bluegrass Chef local TV show a while ago. The food, drinks, and atmosphere looked great on TV. The restaurant did not disappoint. Blue Heron was opened several years ago as a sister concept to Grey Goose across the street. Their premise is obviously based around steak, but there is a nice variety of other offerings. They also use mostly local ingredients in creative ways which is an added bonus.

The occasion for my visit was another dinner with my reviewer sidekick, Andrea. It was a Friday night and the restaurant was very busy. The atmosphere was cozy and chic. The server greeted us promptly and was very knowledgeable about the subtle nuances of the menu. We began with craft cocktails. I chose the “Pear Rhum” which consisted of Rhum Barbancourt, fresh lemon and pear juices, brown sugar simple syrup, with crushed ice and lemon. It was delicious! Pears are one of my favorite fruits and I have found them to be very under-utilized in American restaurants. Andrea ordered a Curacao Margarita. The server brought her a Brown Sugar Mojito instead, but promptly rectified the mistake, so we ended up with an extra drink to sip! That was the only very minor hiccup of the entire night. The ambiance was very relaxing and the pace of the meal was just right for a Friday evening. For starters, Andrea ordered two each of the Fresh Virginia Oysters on the half shell with horseradish mignonette and the chargrilled Louisiana style oysters with garlic butter. She said that the oysters alone were worth a return trip to Blue Heron. I ordered the Beer Battered Onion Rings with Smoked Chile Catsup. The rings were cooked to crispy perfection. For the salad course, I chose the Wedge. Not enough restaurants offer a wedge these days, but mine was excellent, if a bit too large. They could serve quarter portions and no one would complain. Andrea liked her baby spinach salad which included warm bacon vinaigrette, Kentucky tomatoes, egg, and whipped goat cheese. For the entrĂ©e, I chose the fried half chicken with two sides. The chicken was crispy and delicate. The pan gravy was very nice also. I chose a baked potato and the vegetable of the day. The meals also came with a bread basket assortment. Andrea chose the fish special and liked her selection as well. More than half of my meal went home in a box. We ordered a lot of food, but part of reviewing a good restaurant is trying a representative sampling of what they have to offer. We skipped dessert in favor of ice cream later while bar-hopping in the distillery district. The overall quality of the food and service at Blue Heron was excellent. My dinner was $44.63 including tax and tip. Not bad for a lovely evening!

There is limited parking in a lot shared with the sister concept (Grey Goose) and also unmetered street parking.

Gluten Free Options – none advertised.
Vegetarian Options – none advertised.

Check out their menu (including daily specials) and hours of operation at:

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