Planning a Family Vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC

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I'm excited to say that we are going on a vacation this summer!  We haven't had a summer family vacation in a while.  Since our family vacation last year was in December and at Disney World, I thought that we would try for something a little more low key and cheaper.  To Myrtle Beach, SC we go!

It's been years since we've been to Myrtle and this will be Michael's first time.  It will not be his first time at the beach or the Atlantic Ocean, we've taken him a few times to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware.  Jon and I are rather excited even though it took forever for him to give me the all clear on booking the vacation.

Since the last time we had been to Myrtle Beach was before Michael, we had no idea where the family friendly hotels were.  I had done a Google search for just that (How did our parents do this before the internet?) and actually found a website with a post in titled Top Kid-Friendly Myrtle Beach Hotels & Resorts.  I found it extremely helpful and brought research to a much smaller amount.  So, from this list, I narrowed it down to the following places:
One of my blogging friends, Christina at Mom's Messy Miracles, had written about her and her husband's experience at Crown Reef Resort.  So, I added that to the list of possible hotels.

I brought these 6 hotels to Jon and we looked at what they all had to offer according to what we were looking for.  We wanted to try and make this as cheap, but as fun of a vacation as possible.  So, one main thing was having a kitchenette in the room so we could make a majority of our meals there.  Nothing makes a vacation more expensive than all the eating out that you do.  We also decided that we would go during the off season which starts a little after mid-August.  My family always went to Myrtle at this time because of this very thing and because all the college kids should be back in school.  Therefore the beaches will be less crowded!

After looking at the different deals the resorts were offering, we had it narrowed down to Captain's Quarters and Crown Reef.  The other resorts didn't seem to offer anything special and had the same water features.  We wanted something different and a bang for our dollar.

Captain's Quarters was offering breakfast and an hour bowling at their bowling alley everyday.  They also have a pretty cool looking water feature that's a pirate ship.  It also has some memories for me because I went there as a kid with my parents during one of our family vacations to Myrtle Beach.

Crown Reef has its very own waterpark, but did not have free breakfast everyday and did cost a little bit more.  We didn't really see the added value of the waterpark right now.

Yes, we went with Captain's Quarters.  We all love bowling, having breakfast for free everyday will be nice and one less meal we have to make or pay for, and the water features are different from all the other resorts.  So, stay tuned for posts about the resort as well as all the fun stuff that we've got planned to do while we're there.