24 Christmas Books Countdown 2014

Just within the past few months, Michael has been all about getting a bedtime story read to him.  Because of that, this year's countdown has been more exciting than it has been the last two years.  You can read about last year's countdown here, Twenty-four Days of Christmas Books.  I had completely forgot to take a picture of all the books before my mom wrapped them for me.  Most of the books used last year are being used again this year.  I will post a weekly update of what was picked out and read.

If you have children who love bedtime stories, give this a try next year if you aren't already doing it.  The kids are going to love it!

week 1 (December 1st - 6th)
week 2 (December 7th - 13th)
week 3 (December 14th - 20th)
week 4 (December 21st - 24th)