Cleaning Microfiber Furniture

We've had our microfiber couch for two years now and it has been through a lot with a baby and now a toddler.  In the past I had bought the expensive cleaners from Walmart for microfiber and they do work, but it gets costly when you need to clean the whole couch.  I found a DIY cleaner on Pinterest and had bought all the stuff to make it.  Before I was able to test it out, my son got sick on part of the couch.  I'll have another post about the DIY I found for that (click here to see that post).

So, with the part he didn't get sick on we used this - a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol.  You want to saturate the area that you need cleaned.  The reason for using rubbing alcohol is that it evaporates much faster than water and won't leave rings.  After saturating the area, you want to take a white/tan sponge and scrub the area.  I know that in some areas I had to scrub really hard.  I ended up asking my husband to help me.

Your sponge may start to get dirty, change it out for a clean one so you're not rubbing the dirt back into the microfiber.  After you're done scrubbing, let it dry.  It will look so much better - no more rings!
The original post had mentioned to take a bristle brush to refluff the microfiber by using swirling motions.  I have not tried that, but you can tell that it needs to be refluffed when you touch it. If you like what you just read please click to send a quick vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs- The best mommy blog directory featuring top mom bloggers